Below is some helpful information on how to best prepare for your cleaning(s). As well as some details regarding what we'd like you to supply. Feel free to call/text if you have any questions. When you hire a house cleaning service, there are some practical things that you can do BEFORE the CT arrives to get the most from your investment.

1. NO NEED TO BE HOME Please be certain a way into your home has been arranged ahead of time, but feel free to leave and enjoy time away as we take care of the cleaning for you! Your return home will be even more special! If you do need to be home, do not worry; we just ask that you social-distance to another room entirely, and help to keep children and pets from interfering with the cleaning. Your CT has been trained to get started with little to no interaction from homeowners as your specific instructions have been updated in your customer profile that they access from their mobile device. Be assured they are not there to chit-chat and will not interrupt what you have going on, and will work efficiently to get in and off to their next customer.

2. GET THE DISHES DONE We have not planned time to wash dishes. When more than a few dishes are left, your sink might not get cleaned.

3. PICK UP THE CLUTTER The night before your cleaning, pick up any clutter from floors and surfaces – children’s toys, clothing, dishes, etc. Your Cleaning Technician will not know where these items are stored, and your estimate was based on cleaning only. *Tips: Place any items safely to do so, in the dishwasher, and cleaning day is a perfect time to pull throw rugs/towels and toss them in the washing machine or shake and stack out of the way. Another great time saver is to place health and beauty items in baskets/drawers/cupboards. You will have a much cleaner house and get more for your investment if you pick up and declutter a bit before we arrive. Please resist the urge to play the game ‘hide the penny’ in an attempt to ‘test our skills. This is a waste of our energy and does not offer an accurate gauge of how well we clean, especially in the early stages, only that we are human and might miss something from time to time. We strive to provide excellent service, not perfection.

4. PICK UP AND STOW IMPORTANT DOCUMENTS It is always a good idea to pick up important papers, mail, and documents so they are not mistaken for trash. It is best to put such documents away in a drawer before the cleaning.

5. SECURE VALUABLES Please put up any items of great monetary or sentimental value. Items such as jewelry can be inadvertently wiped off a dresser or sucked up in a vacuum.

6. CHECK YOUR HOUSE FOR IMPROPERLY INSTALLED ITEMS (Very Important) Your CT is going to be scrubbing and dusting just about everything. Before you begin your cleaning service, make sure wall art, light fixtures, and blinds are properly hung, secure any loose tiles, fix wobbly furniture legs, put away any delicate figurines, etc. Simply put, make sure items throughout your home will stand up to some vigorous scrubbing and dusting. This will go a long way in preventing breakage and damage to your belongings. And, if you know something is not secured properly, please tell us so that we do not touch it. *sticky notes work great for this!

7. KEEP THE LINES OF COMMUNICATION OPEN We always want to hear how we are doing. Your feedback enables us to deliver quality services that meet your unique needs and expectations. Never hesitate to call us if there’s anything you’d like to see your Cleaning Technician do something differently. We also love hearing from you when you are delighted so we can recognize your cleaner.


  • a toilet brush located at each toilet
  • trash bag liners for all cans
  • Swiffer Duster heads (we will have the reusable wands, we just need the fluffy head portion, similar to the one found HERE)
  • your preferred furniture polish
  • mopping system with multiple heads (O'Cedar Spin Mop is our favorite, similar to the one found HERE; we may also use a flat mop, depending on the flooring, similar to the one found HERE)
  • vacuum (If yours is heavy, inefficient, or can't clean carpet, hard surface flooring, stairs, and furniture, please consider a Shark Rocket, similar to the one found HERE, these get the job done well and are most efficient)
  • 2-step step stool

We do carry the last three items with us, so please don't feel like you have to head out shopping! Using yours will simply cut down on the spread of germs. Be assured we will have all the solutions, and disinfected cleaning cloths needed to perform our work.