Why Hire Dazzle Cleaning Service?

Amy Smith & Sean Smith - Dazzle Cleaning Service Lansing & DeWitt MI
Why Hire Dazzle

People hire Dazzle Cleaning Service because they want a professionally cleaned home for their family and guests. Dazzle Cleaning Service has teamed with one of the most recognized consultants in the cleaning industry. In their partnership with cleaning companies all over the country, they’ve developed a structured and flexible approach to cleaning homes. As a result, it’s become the leading house cleaning system in the industry.

Together with our advisor, we’ve accumulated the many tools necessary to clean your home in the most efficient way possible. We’re proud to put this system into practice, giving you the free time you deserve. Because, after all, you’ve earned it!

In addition, we pride ourselves on being honest and dependable. With this in mind, Dazzle’s cleaning techs are:

  • valued employees (not sub-contractors)
  • well-compensated
  • complete a demanding 2-week training course
  • drug-screened
  • bonded
  • insured

Our cleaning techs are what make us a solid company!

Our Company Values

Love People

When we pour goodness into the hearts and lives of our customers and team members, goodness spills out.

Be Positive

No downers, drama or gossip. Ever. We offer encouragement and help, we own our mistakes and don't complain.

Do Good

We're not perfect, but we strive for excellence. We're honest, hard-working and we give more than we take.

Serve Abundantly

Nurture a heart for serving others, go the extra mile, help out, have 'we' mentality vs. 'me' attitude.

Have Fun

Be a joy spreader, not a joy sucker, smile and laugh often.

Proud Partner of Cleaning For a Reason

Dazzle Cleaning Service donates free house cleaning services to families undergoing cancer treatment every month.  It is an honor and privilege to be able to help these families in their time of need.

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