Why Hire Dazzle?

Because you demand a clean home for your family and guests, Dazzle Cleaning Service has teamed with one of the most recognized consultants in the cleaning industry. In their partnership with cleaning companies all over the world, they’ve developed a structured and flexible approach to cleaning homes. As a result, it’s become the leading house cleaning system in the industry.

Together with our advisor, we’ve accumulated the many tools necessary to clean your home in the most efficient way possible. We’re proud to put this system into practice, giving you the free time you deserve. Because, after all, you’ve earned it!

In addition, we pride ourselves on being honest and dependable. With this in mind, Dazzle’s cleaning techs are:

    • valued employees (not sub-contractors)
    • well-compensated
    • attend a demanding 2-week training course
    • drug-screened
    • bonded
    • insured

Our cleaning techs are what make us a solid company!

We’ll always make every attempt to accommodate your needs and your schedule.

Additionally, Dazzle has maintained a business presence in the mid-Michigan area for over 30 years. We’ve consequently built up a long list of valued clients, many of whom frequently report their satisfaction. In fact, many have remained clients over many years.
Our commitment to quality service, attention to detail and regular communication with our clients makes us the number one choice in residential house cleaning in the area.